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Nipple Covers Frequently Asked Questions

Useful and versatile, Nipple Covers have been becoming more popular for women who don't like wearing constricting bras. These tiny problem solvers also help women with prominent nipples, useful if they do not want to wear padded bras. These covers also provide a solution for wearing strapless dresses and dresses that have a deep plunge neckline preventing all types of nip slips.

In choosing the right nipple cover for you, here are some frequently asked questions to guide and help you in your decision.

What are the different types of nipple covers available?

There are different types of nipple covers. A short rundown of these are:

  • Disposable Nipple Covers – designed to be used 1 time
  • Reusable Nipple Covers – can be used multiple times and is usually made of silicone
  • Nipple Pasties – made to be seen and are decorative. If nipple covers are to hide nipples, this type is for showing off the nipples, usually worn with lingerie, and very popular with burlesque dancers.

Can nipple covers be cleaned?

Yes, they can. But only certain types of nipple covers can be cleaned. If you want a cover that you can clean and be re-used multiple times. We suggest that you get almost any type of Reusable Nipple Covers.

How do you clean reusable nipple covers?

Cleaning reusable nipple covers are easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Place them in warm water with mild soap. Let it soak for a minute or two.
  2. Gently rub the adhesive portion to remove any sort of build-up and residue.
  3. Remove from water and allow them to dry.

What do I look for in a reliable nipple cover?

Above all else you want your nipple covers to be comfortable, especially if you are going to use them for extended periods of time. With that in mind, here is a small list of things to look out for:

  1. It needs to properly hide the nipple.
  2. If you bought an Adhesive type of nipple cover:
    • The Adhesive part should stick to your body for long periods of time, even if you are sweaty.
    • The Adhesive part should NOT irritate your skin.
  3. If you bought Reusable nipple covers:
    • Materials used for the covers should withstand multiple uses
    • The cover should be easily cleaned
  4. They need to be priced reasonably

Why make covers without adhesive in them?

That is because they are meant to be worn inside a sheer bra or any type of bra that is thin and doesn’t have any padding on them. Adhesive is not needed for these purposes.

Large breasted women or women with large nipples are recommended to wear non-adhesive nipple covers.

How long will Reusable Nipple Covers last?

Depends on the brand of nipple coverings, but some brands (with the proper care) can last up to 50 uses.

What type of covers do I use if I have large areolas?

We suggest using Large Silicone Nipple Covers like Fashion Essentials Nipple Covers

These are 3.75 inches in diameter and should get you the coverage that you need, plus they are reusable and non-adhesive, it should last you a long time. This option is way more convenient than using 2 or 3 nipple covers on one breast.

I already used a couple of nipple covers and it makes my areola/nipple area look really puffy in tight clothing! What should I use?

Why not try a thinner type of nipple cover? Avoid the thicker silicone cover type and maybe try something like these:

  • Fashion Forms Breast Petals 3 Pairs One Size Nude - 555s
  • Ann West Petal Stickies Disposable Nipple Covers Style NC00 - 25 Pair Pack

How many colors do they come in?

They come in different tones and colors, but they usually are colored nude and some darker shade of nude or brown.

I have sensitive skin, what are the effects of the adhesive on my skin?

Here is a simple test that you can perform on yourself to check the reaction of your skin to the adhesive:

  1. If you used lotion, moisturizers, powders or body oils, WASH IT OFF FIRST with clean water before doing the test.
  2. Stick one adhesive nipple cover on the underside of your arm near your elbow. Check if you have any negative reaction to it.
  3. DO NOT USE on any area of the skin that has a rash, broken, sunburned or is damaged in any way.

Will wearing nipple covers cause acne to break out on my breasts?

No one has ever reported anything like that to us. So NO, your breasts won’t break out with acne if you use nipple covers. To be safe, if you are using adhesive and reusable nipple covers, clean them first before using them.

I use moisturizers on my skin, will it affect the adhesive?

Yes, it will, DO NOT USE any form of moisturizers, lotions, powders on the area or the adhesive will not stick.

Do my breast/nipple area perspire when I use these covers and will they slip because of the sweat?

You will sweat a little but not really that much. It should have no effect on the placement of the covers and will not slip.

Can I use adhesive nipple covers when playing sports or working out?

YES you can, BUT sweating might loosen the adhesive effects of the nipple cover. Provided the area is clean and oil or sweat free when you applied it, it should hold. You can also try a non-adhesive type of nipple cover.

Can I swim while using nipple covers?

YES, but only certain types of nipple covers. We recommend something like Swim Silicone Gel Nipple Petals by Braza

There are many types of Swim nipple covers, so it is best to try as much as you can to see what works for you best.

How do I remove the sticky residue left on my breasts by some adhesive nipple covers?

Taking a hot shower is the best way, the soap will clean all the residue out in no time. If you don’t have time for a shower, soak a cotton ball in some oil or alcohol and gently rub the affected area.

How do I make Silicone adhesive nipple covers sticky again?

Just wash them with warm water and soap. Lightly scrub off any residue and then let it dry and that is basically it. It should be in its top adhesive form in no time.

There are various designs, types, shapes and price ranges of nipple covers. We recommend trying different brands and see which suits you the best.